Our Story

He is Billy. I am SeowHui. We met each other years ago and fate has decided to bring us together. We set off our journey being true food lovers, and then later on, extended our dependency on each other via numerous journeys and trips to places around the world. We fell in love over and over again through this journey. In 2017, we tied the knot and are blessed with the cutest baby boy, Zyan (pronounced Zee-Yen). If it's a story of us three, we are the three. 

Who're Behind BishSays?

Billy Chan

The family man. 

The filial son.

The sweetest husband.

The most supportive dad.

The craziest co-worker.

He handles all queries because he's the more patient one. 


The all-about-enjoy lady.
The queen of the family.
The perfectionist. 
The happiest mom. 
The pro-active team mate.

She handles all content creation because she can do it. Well. 

Image by Diego PH

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