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Updated: Jan 16

This is one of the best impromptu plans made.

Once in a while, we need a short break to somewhere so simple and unsophisticated, because that is what we feel our true-self is. We're so delighted to have discovered tranquil and rustic Kundang, an area located 33km north-west of Kuala Lumpur. To be honest, I have an aunt who lives in Kampung Baru Kundang, but never had any chance to visit her at her place, which was and still is, a shame. If you're looking for a short getaway from Kuala Lumpur, just to submerge in the simplicity and tranquility of village life, Kundang could be a straightforward answer to your quest.

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The location & Journey

Getting There

  1. From PLUS Highway, take Rawang exit and drive towards the direction of Kundang. Drive along B149 and you will reach the area.

  2. From PLUS Highway, take Sungai Buloh exit and head the direction to Kuala Selangor. Drive up the flyover in front of Kompleks Sungai Buloh. You will pass by Bukit Rahman Putra. Drive straight on until you reach a T-junction. Turn left and go straight. You will reach Tasik Biru first, from this direction.

Once you're in this area, the spots to visit are all within short driving distance.

About Kundang

This Kampung Baru or New Village (in English) was established more than a century ago. Being one of the earlier settlements of Chinese immigrants from south of China, it was once well-known for its tin-mining industry. The population of the village grew, and when ore depletion happened over time, it transformed into an agricultural village, planting mainly papayas. Nowadays, with younger generation migrating to urban areas, Kundang remains its charm as a laid-back suburban village with occasional visitors coming by to appreciate its simplicity.


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What to do in Kundang

Chinese Hakka descendants make up the majority of population in Kundang. As much as it is more than a century old, Kundang preserves traditional Hakka culture and delicacies, making it an interesting place to visit.

1/ Wander around the village

The village is plotted with rows and columns of residential houses, with roads, paths and alleys weaving in between. You can explore the village on foot and see with your own eyes some of the well-preserved structures. The village is liveliest early in the morning, so be sure to arrive at the break of dawn, make your way through the bustling market while savouring local specialties.

2/ Eating delicious food from authentic stalls

Many people recognise Kampung Baru Kundang for the famous loh-shu-fen, a type of rice noodles that resembles the shape of needles. For this dish, you just have to patronise Sin Loong Kee Noodles(新龍記小食館). The noodles are handmade so rest assured it's fresh and gives diners excellent mouthfeel. It has ranked top in several polls of "Places to Eat in Rawang", it must be good. However, the stall only operates in the morning. Be sure to arrive early or you may have to leave in disappointment.

Address: Jalan Pekan 1, Kampung Baru Kundang, 48020 Rawang, Selangor Phone: 016-674 1783

Hours: 6:30AM - 11AM, Daily

3/ What about the landmark temple?

Located at Jalan KBK 4, a Chinese temple, San Shan Guo Wang Miao, has been the religious centre of Kampung Baru Kundang. The temple was built before World War II and is now managed by a committee. It is now temporarily closed (could be due to MCO), but the exterior itself explains why it is crowned the landmark. The motives on pillars were scrupulously carved, giving a spiritual sense to every single detail.

4/ Picnic and water sports @ Tasik Biru Seri Kundang

After the heat subsides in the late evening, make a short trip away to Tasik Biru Seri Kundang. Being a popular recreational site among the locals, Tasik Biru is where you head for water sports like jet-skiing. Even if you are not a water sports goer, it still makes all sense to spend the evening at this lakeside, either throwing a picnic, scampering around with children, frolicking at the waterside or taking a leisure stroll around the lakeside promenade, it will be an evening well-spent. However, do take note that Tasik Biru is a former tin-mining lake, and water can run deep. If you're there with young children, do be extra careful.


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Itinerary: Making Kundang a day trip

If you have a whole day to spare and wish to make full use of it, there's our suggested day trip itinerary:

7:00AM - Begin your journey from Kuala Lumpur. Depending on the route you take, it will be a 45-min to an hour's drive. Take your time and enjoy the scenery of several kampung along the journey.

8:00AM - When you arrive in Kampung Baru Kundang, wend your way across the local market. Don't forget to patronise Sin Loong Kee Noodles for a hearty bowl of rice noodles in soup.

10:00AM - Stomach satisfied. Why not taking on a little exploration around the village? You will see old houses retaining original structures and architectural style, slow-paced lifestyle which gives you some relaxation you deserve to unwind from daily stress.

11:30AM - Make a detour to Kuala Selangor. The distance is slightly over 35km but with a half-an-hour drive, you get to visit a fishing village while escaping the afternoon heat - it's pretty much recommended. If you're not in the mood for fishing village, you may consider neighbouring town of Bukit Arang where you can find trails of former charcoal mining site.

3:00PM - Head back to Kundang for Tasik Biru Seri Kundang. Spend the late afternoon in a way you desire. If you're planning on a picnic, remember to pack along foods that can withstand heat in the car. Be a responsible picnicker, clean the picnic spot before leaving the place :)


You probably have heard of Kundang or seen its signboard somewhere along the highway. If you're looking for a short getaway from the city, try visiting Kundang!

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