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This reminds me of some awesome butter cookies (and cup of tea).

I never knew I have a sweet tooth until I came across some really good bakery brands. It just didn't cross my mind because I concluded sweet stuffs weren't my cup of tea.

The fate between Little Boxes and I was a long story to tell. Okay, not too long either, so I can actually tell. One eventful pre-Chinese New Year shopping spree, I was rather fed up because I noticed I had been buying the same (boring) hampers from the (few) brands for (many) years. I knew buying hampers was not the smartest thing to do - I mean how often you find someone who receives your hamper and really likes every single item in the package? Rarely.

I decided that will be a special year. I searched everywhere online for something that would get into the heart of friends and family members who receive it. And I stumbled upon Little Boxes. Okay, end of story. The rest was history. I took immediate liking to the home baker's concept - everything in the package was useable, edible and very meticulously handmade. I ordered a few hampers and an extra cake for my in-laws. That's love at first taste.

Salted Caramel Macadamia Nuts Cheesecake - A sinful bite, but too hard to resist

On days when we were stranded at home during MCO, it was her Cranberry Butter Cookies that made my days brighter - the ingredients used were premium, it's too apparently proven from the flavour and richness of the cookies. It's a sinful pleasure, so I ordered and delivered some to my best friends and my all time favourite Doctor Tan 🤣. There's no better gift than sharing good food.

Zyan's birthday fell in April. It was his first birthday (poor boy, no birthday party, MCO-lah!), we wanted to make it memorable (for us). We ordered a cake with fondant design of dinosaurs. Don't ask why dinosaur - it's Zyan's secret favourite. The baker (whom we suspected a perfectionist) went the extra mile to collect some photos of Zyan's favourite toy. So we sent her these which are nowhere near being cute:

We were so satisfied with the final product, it's a cake that made Zyan smiled. After all, it's his smiles that matter.


Okay-lah, mommy failed the product photo miserably this time, so to do just, I stole a photo from Little Boxes' Facebook page. Not only the design looked adorable, the cake itself was actually very delicious - we shared it with other children in our neighbourhood. Everyone liked it so much - chocolatey-rich but not too sweet! This is the perfect cake a cheeky baby like Zyan can ask for.

At times, it's good to keep an open-mind to unexplored aspects in life, because life is like a box of chocolate, you may find what you truly like without you being aware!

Little Boxes Home Bakery

Ever since its establishment as a humble home bakery in year 2014, Little Boxes has been passionately baking sweet and savoury treats, cakes and healthy snacks for the neighbourhoods in Kepong and surrounding area. The enthusiastic and very talented owner behind this gifted little home bakery, is Charlyn, a stay-home mom of two cute boys, who believes staying home is not a deterrent to pursuing dreams. That's the reason why Charlyn has always been thankful for every chance to bake, it is there from which Little Boxes comes to be a favourite brand among many who seek for delicate gastronomic enjoyment.

Lately, Little Boxes Home Bakery launches Birthday Starter Kit - a kit of celebration, all for the ease of parents! Yes, we know, because we are parents too. The kit comprises of

  1. A 6-inch cake of selected design (boy or girl theme)

  2. Birthday hat for birthday boy / girl

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY wall hanging deco (blue or pink)

  4. Table top balloon deco (boy or girl theme)

Just dress up and you're ready for an Instagram-worthy birthday celebration.

Browse the product photos here.

Email: lilboxesbakery@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +6016-311 1373

Online Shop: Shopee

Facebook: Little-Boxes-Home-Bakery

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