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Updated: Jan 16

Are you ready for some Instagram-worthy photos?

I'm sorry if this photo causes discomfort. 🤣

Tucked away in the quieter part of Selangor, Tamarind Square is now rapidly gaining attention among photography enthusiasts, attractive spots hoppers as well as families from in and around seeking another kind of weekend experience. A live-with-nature themed commercial square, it emphasises the coherence of mankind co-existing with nature, creating an open yet humane space.

While many of the commercial lots and units seem vacant and unoccupied, the structure itself is so unique, it makes ideal to drop by one fine day, all dressed up for photographing or just simply spend hours in one of the many cafés and eateries, soaking up the harmonious zen it has to offer.

The Location

Getting there from Kuala Lumpur:

Take Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur - Putrajaya/E20 to Lingkaran Putrajaya/E6 in Cyberjaya. Take exit 2005 from Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur - Putrajaya and continue on Lingkaran Putrajaya. Take Persiaran Sepang to Persiaran Bestari in Cyberjaya

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What to do in Tamarind Square?

1) Enjoy the greenery in and around the structure

With many local trees, climbing plants and vines, as well as blooming flowers all around, Tamarind Square is the perfect hideaway for those seeking a more peaceful retreat within the city. Billy and I especially love the ambience, because every corner we explored, there was a small piece of soothing and serene space for us to relax. When Zyan was asleep in the stroller, we could gentle push him around while gazing at the lush green plants. It's stroller-friendly and we hadn't come across difficulty exploring this place with a stroller. If Zyan was wide awake, he could join the fun by walking around the garden-themed courtyard. It's really a family place.

2) It's our little one's first nature classroom

We live in a high-rise duplex. Although our property comes with a communal park, we hardly find time to give it a look-see (no thanks to hectic work schedule). Tamarind Square is a pleasant surprise because for the few times we were there, Zyan would roam around freely, touching leaves and flowers, encountering bugs and little harmless spiders resting among the greens. It's true to say that outdoor exploration is a better way of learning than classroom studies.


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3) Take as many Instagram-worthy photos as you want

The unique architecture incorporating nature touch is the main reason Tamarind Square pops up among young people these days. There are a lot of photogenic spots, which are so noteworthy, that with a little bit of photography skills, one can create a photo extremely likeable. Unfortunately, these spots can be teeming with people during weekends and public holidays. If you do not want strangers appearing in your mega-Instagram photo, you may need to consider visiting this place during off-peak days or venture out to look for a spot less-discovered! Be creative!

With the help of sunlight and shadow from leaves

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4) Bookstore? What about a 24-hour one?

Disclaimer: BookXcess now operates from 10AM - 10PM daily in compliance to RMCO.

I have to admit that we first discovered Tamarind Square thanks to Malaysia's first 24-hour bookstore opening its door here. Yes, BookXcess! We have forgotten how many sleepless nights we spent here, just to enjoy the peaceful nightfall with books. We were all for travelling journals and cookbooks but we recently found that this bookstore is a great place to encourage young children to choose books they enjoy reading too.

Nope. Nigella Lawson did not pay me for this photo. 🤣

5) Shopping and other services

This might be somehow left out from the reasons people visit Tamarind Square BUT if you consider the place as a commercial hub, you can rely on it for some convenience in daily life. We were so delighted to find a supermarket here, so on some days when we were here we could enjoy as much as we wanted in the bookstore, without worrying time for grocery.

We browsed through the directory. It is indeed a multi-purpose hub, with a wide variety of services offered - from childcare and pre-schools to beauty saloon, recording studio and wellness centres. Living in this neighbourhood is not bad at all.

6) Let's say if you need a spot for pre-wedding photoshoot.

We did see several couples had theirs here.

Whoa, too far away.

It's okay, we somehow managed to grab a few from professional photographers' website. (Disclaimer: Photos below are taken from websites of photographers, I've credited their sites, do check out their services if you need)

7) Just relax over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

There are a number of cafés in Tamarind Square. If you're looking for a relaxing break time, it's going to be more than what you've expected. Greens, shades, tranquility - all make your cup of coffee extra enjoyable. We patronised Pastribella last weekend and were delighted.


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We appreciate every little memory we create in our home-country, Malaysia. In times of pandemic outbreak, we learn to be more appreciative towards whatever we could enjoy now.

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