[Travel Diary] Europe 2018 | 1. Amsterdam


We arrived in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport at noon. Hooray! Public transport from the airport to city centre is pretty straightforward, you either take a train or a bus. Both methods are not cheap, but easy enough for visitors. We stayed in Amsterdam Teleport Hotel, which is a very convenient youth hotel.

After a light refreshment (if we ever had), we made our way to the city centre. The city centre is actually quite accessible from Amsterdam Centraal, which is the main train station there. Everywhere was within walking distance! I especially like the leisure stroll along the many canals. Most local folks rely on bicycles from place to place, making this a unique sight in Amsterdam.

I've forgotten how many bridges we have crossed (too many to count!) but will never forget the moment when a lady in the Red Light District stormed out from the "display" window to confront us (Billy had an action cam fixed to his backpack mount, but the camera wasn't recording. We just forgot to dismantle it from the backpack before realising that we were already in the heart of the district!). "No camera!" The lady shouted over and over again, we felt apologetic but also clarified that the camera wasn't recording anything (at all).

We then quickly left the alley and proceeded to other streets. It was quite an experience! Later that evening, we were happy to finally meet up my friend who's been living and working there. It was a great catch up session. The ribs was definitely yums (pardon us to have not taken down the location of the restaurant, we were starving already).

Amsterdam is a vibrant city. Although the public transport network may be a little confusing for first-time travellers, it can be sorted out by asking the staff in the info counter. All in all, it's a great start!

The view from Amsterdam Centraal. One can go on the on-hour cruise for €16.

Love the canal and the shadow!

There are many bridges across the canals.

Bicycles are a unique sight in Amsterdam.

We stumbled upon this cheese deli. The staff was absolutely friendly. He invited us to try the many types of cheeses!

We ended up buying something that's more logical (to us) for lunch.

Disclaimer: Travel diaries are our first records of any trip. We write them after each day of our trip. Information might vary from time to time.

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