[Travel Diary] Europe 2018 | 13. Aveiro - Porto

Updated: Mar 10


It's our day trip to Aveiro! The journey from São Bento train station in Porto to Aveiro would take around an hour. Note that São Bento station itself is an attraction with elaborate ceramic tile work which tells the story of the city.

Aveiro is beautiful but we hadn't had much interest in it (probably due to the crowd). It was a weekend, and almost every alleyway in the main town area had turned into flea market. Of course, a Portuguese flea market means to expect a lot of unexpected surprises! We didn't spend much time there. People who enjoy colorful old structures may find this town very interesting.

We came back to Porto in late afternoon. We were thrilled to find that the cable car was operating again! Hmm. Not too cheap a ride, but for the experience it gave, we totally recommend it. After the ride, we went for a free wine tasting session in one of the many cellars. I noticed that our souls came alive again in Porto. This was how much we adored this city.

As the night drew nearer, we knew we had to leave. It was with great reluctance but I'm sure Portugal will always be in our hearts.

Disclaimer: Travel diaries are our first records of any trip. We write them after each day of our trip. Information might vary from time to time.

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