[Travel Diary] Europe 2018 | 7. Lisbon (Feira da Ladra - Cabo da Roca - Cascais)


Part A (the day was so long that I had to separate into two parts!)

It's an achievement unlocked! It was slightly cloudy early in the morning. I prayed that the weather could be better for this day, we had something great to achieve!

We took a local bus ride to Feira de Ladra, a flea market in a small square on top of the hill. It was interesting to find that the vendors here could sell just ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE under the sun. Apart from those common old coins, you'd be astounded to find bicycle wheels, ancient irons, weighing scales, whistles? etc. It sounded random but it was even more random when we were there to witness with our own eyes. Great for those who want to seek for hidden treasures!

Oh well, of course that's not our main dish of the day. Cabo da Roca was! Being the westernmost extent of continental Europe, the view from this cape was out of the world (and even the wind was out of the world)! It wasn't easy to get to Cape Roca, we travelled along the hilly cliffside roads in a local bus. Although the scenery was breathtaking along the journey, we must admit that it sometimes felt risky. Have I mentioned how windy it was? Okay, it truly makes a point to mention it again. IT WAS WINDY. EXTREME LEVEL. At certain moments, we felt like walking on our own legs was unnecessary: just face the direction you intend to go, and let the wind to do the rest. No walking required. Beware of accessories like sunglasses and hats! Upon completing this route, we went to the tourist centre and awarded ourselves with a certificate! Woohooo~

Later that day, we ventured the little seaside town of Cascais. To us, it's really like a richer version of Lisbon. The houses, the neighbourhood, the ambience were magically serene and peaceful. There were quite a lot of colourful murals found here! Every one of it made a good background of great photos. Such a comfortable little town. We did not want to leave. T____T

But we had to. Lol

to be continued

Disclaimer: Travel diaries are our first records of any trip. We write them after each day of our trip. Information might vary from time to time.

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