[Travel Diary] Europe 2018 | 2. Zaanse Schans and Giethoorn


The second day of our trip. We picked up rental car at Amsterdam downtown. It was a compact Nissan Micra with built-in GPS (we considered this a bonus!). The only thing I remember about the middle-aged man who helped us in the rental process was his very pointed nose (I just don't know why), a friendly guy, tho.

When everything was finally sorted out, we left the garage happily, and set out for our first destination of the day: Zaanse Schans. Although rather touristy, it's a place not to be missed. It was a windy (and particularly cold) day, we put on the thickest jacket we could find in our luggage. We enjoyed every moment spent in this neighbourhood of Zaandam. Historic windmills and distinctive green wooden houses were both iconic structures of the village. Thrilled by the uniqueness of this village, we wandered around to explore some interactive exhibits and demonstrations. Oh, not to forget, do take some photos in those wooden clog displayed!

After deciding it was too cold to stay in the windy village, we left Zaanse Schans (the parking rate was a bomb). We made our way to Giethoorn, a mostly car-free village in Overijssel. Before the trip, we imagined the place lushly covered in greenery and blooming flowers. Alas, imagination is always thicker than reality! In this season (when we both thought it should almost be spring!), no flower (at all) was in sight. The bald branches didn't even show any sign of green leaves. We didn't come in the right season (bingo!). The plus side of it was -- there were so few visitors that it seemed like we had the whole village to ourselves (hooray!).

It's another kind of experience!

Disclaimer: Travel diaries are our first records of any trip. We write them after each day of our trip. Information might vary from time to time.


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